Skeleton Coast Flights & Safaris

Skeleton Coast Flights & Safaris
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Bush Bird Aviation based in Swakopmund, Namibia's most popular coastal resort, takes great pleasure in conducting sightseeing and scenic flights along the coastline. 

Tailored Fly-In Safaris designed exclusively for each traveler, Flight Modules for those who prefer to drive themselves, and the blending of captivating flights with expertly guided tours ensure a vacation filled with a remarkable range of experiences and unforgettable memories.

Enjoy a 135 minute return flight across the great expanse of the Southern Skeleton Coast en-route to Sossusvlei or up to the Northern Skeleton Coast for a truly majestic birds-eye view.

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Option 1:  Sossusfly - Where the desert meets the coast, explore this and Sossusvlei by air for a truly breathtaking experience. Spanning over 630km, your flight takes you over the southern Skeleton Coast into the depths of the ancient Namibian dunes. The flight will take you over 7 different kinds of dunes in the Namib Desert. Via Gobabeb, Kuiseb Canyon, Tsondabvlei, Sossusvlei, Shipwrecks Eduard Bohlen & Shaunee, ‘Lange Wand’, Seals, Sandwich Harbour, and Walvis Bay. (The rate is given per person based on 5 passengers / maximum of 5 people).

Option 2:  Skeleton Coast North - Departing Swakopmund, heading northeast through a dynamic landscape, marked by volcanic veins crisscrossing the terrain. The flight takes you over Moon Valley, Spitzkoppe, and Namibia's highest peak, Brandberg. Continuing along the Ugab river valley, you pass the unique Ugab terraces, home to rare desert elephants. Turning south at the Ugab river mouth, flying past the Fukuseki Maru and Zeila shipwrecks, the Cape Cross Seal Colony, Henties Bay, and Wlotzkasbaken, before returning to Swakopmund. (The rate is given per person based on 5 passengers / maximum of 5 people).



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Skeleton Coast Flights & Safaris

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