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Sandwich Harbour Tour - Guests can expect to see one of the most beautiful parts of Namibia on this outing into the famous Sandwich Harbour. The tour starts every morning at 08h30 or in the afternoon at 12h30 and the meeting point is at the Sandwich Harbour 4x4 office at the waterfront in Walvis Bay.  After a short break at the Walvis Bay Lagoon which is the habitat of an enormous amount of flamingos, the tour proceeds to the Kuiseb River Delta, a dry riverbed where springboks can be seen occasionally. Golden dunes lead the way to Sandwich Harbour.

If the weather and tides play along the vehicle can drive to the Sandwich Harbour lagoon, one of Southern Africa’s richest and most unique wetlands. Guests will have ample time to take photos on the way to capture the unending beauty as far as meets the eye. For refreshments, the guide is setting up a table in the desert and serves a selection of savoury and sweet snacks, sparkling wine, oysters and drinks.

On route the area’s typical fauna and flora will be visible, including animals which have developed ways to adapt to the desert. These include the black-backed jackal, the fog-basking beetle, the dancing spider (‘white lady of the Namib’), the golden mole, the shovel-snouted lizard, the Palmato gecko, the springbok, the oryx, the brown hyaena and the ostrich.

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A minimum of 3 adults is required. 


Oysters, snacks, sparkling wine, light drinks, cool drinks, water and permits.