NamibRand Nature Reserve Lodges

NamibRand Nature Reserve is one of Southern Africa’s largest private nature reserves, originating as a dream of extending the desert frontiers through the integration of a large number of former sheep farms. The aim was to develop a sanctuary free of fences, so that the wildlife could once again roam their habitat unhindered.

Today NamibRand Nature Reserve, which is located just south of Sossusvlei, is synonymous with some of Africa’s most breathtaking locations. The special attraction of the reserve is the diversity of desert landscapes.

The main objective of NamibRand Nature Reserve is the conservation of this beautiful land on a self-sustainable basis. The lodges and camps on the NamibRand Nature Reserve are limited to 20 beds each. The park is governed by a strict code of ethics and the number of guests this wilderness paradise can accommodate is restricted. Despite the tremendous potential for more tourist development, it was decided that in theory every bed must be surrounded by 1000 hectares of nature - now and forever. This means that every guest at Wolwedans has one million square meters to themselves - a sanctuary free of tour buses and overland trucks. This luxury of space makes the reserve the pristine destination it is today.