Namib Naukluft Mountains Namibia

The Namib Naukluft Hiking Trail, with a choice of either a shorter 4-day hike or a full 8-day hike, is a true test of stamina that will keep you agog and guessing as you meander up, over and down the Naukluft Mountains. Each time you crest a ridge or descend into a valley there is another matchless experience to be had, from cooling off in the natural pools above a 200-metre dry waterfall to descending steep gorges aided by chains anchored in the rocks.

The hiking trail, which starts and ends at the Naukluft Camp, is widely regarded as one of Africa’s toughest hiking experiences. The full hiking trail is 120 kilometres long and takes intrepid hikers through breathtaking sections of the park, affording spectacular mountain scenery and crystal-clear rock pools where you can swim, relax and unwind while surrounded by the mystical ambience of the age-old Namib Desert.

There is the option of a shorter 4-day hike, which is approximately 63 km long.

Hikers must provide their own camping equipment, food and water. PLEASE NOTE: The Naukluft trail is in a high fire risk area. Fires of any kind are strictly forbidden. It is essential that hikers take a camping stove to boil water and prepare meals.

Please note that the Naukluft Hike is not a guided hike. The hike is described as “moderately difficult” to “difficult”. The second half of the hike is considered the most difficult portion. Inexperienced hikers should avoid the hike if not in the company of experienced hikers.

There are designated stop-over points along the route. The facilities at these stop-over points are basic and generally consist of simple stone shelters with ablution, and waste disposal facilities, as well as a fresh water supply. The Ministry of Environment & Tourism (MET) staff replenish the water supply at each stop-over point.

A resupply of food and personal supplies can be dropped at the fourth stopover point (Tsams Ost). The resupply is subject to additional charges for collection and drop-off services. The most recent rate provided for the resupply was N$7.50 per kilometre (240 km which equals N$1,800.00) – rates are subject to change. Please contact the Naukluft Camp for information on the resupply and to confirm the service rate prior to your arrival. The payment for the resupply must be made on arrival, in addition to the applicable park fees.

Hikers are advised to be well prepared. Some essential items are good sturdy hiking boots, warm clothes as winter temperatures can drop below freezing, a first aid kit, sufficient food and a generous container for carrying water. Each day should start with a generous supply of water which should be used sparingly throughout.

Be observant and mindful of your surroundings at all times. Venomous snakes are common in the area, and encounters with larger animals are not uncommon.

Naukluft is a remote camp with very poor connectivity. For this reason, we advise carrying cash for additional expenses.

MEDICAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE: All participants on the hiking trail are required to complete an indemnity form, as well as provide a medical clearance certificate completed by a qualified physician. The medical certificate can be no more than 40 days old. Hikers will not be permitted to do the hike without it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Disposing of waste along the route is prohibited and is subject to strict penalties.

Additional booking information

A group size of minimum 3 people and a maximum of 12 people is permitted. The hike is limited to ONE group per start date and only available during the first three weeks of the month (1 March - 31 October only).

Groups can only start on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.


Permit for the 4 day Namib Naukluft Hike (8 day available on request).

  • Pre and post tour transfers
  • Pre and post tour accommodation
  • All meals & drinks
  • Experienced guide
  • Park entrance fees