Lüderitz Hotels & Guesthouses

The harbour town of Lüderitz on the Atlantic coast boasts a number of magnificent Jugendstil buildings. Visit historical Goerke House and the 'Felsenkirche' (Church on the Rock), go for a stroll through town to the recently completed Waterfront or drive to Diaz Point where Portuguese seafarers erected a massive stone cross more than 500 years ago.

Just outside of Lüderitz lies the ghost town of Kolmanskop. From 1908 diamonds caused the village with grand mansions to sprout from the desert. Today, sand has taken possession of the buildings: the deserted diamond settlement of Kolmanskuppe offers numerous attractive themes for photos. On a guided tour through the 'Ghost Town' you will learn more about everyday life in the settlement and about its rise and fall.

Activities:  Pomona Bogenfels Tour / Kolmanskop Tour