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The Living Desert Tour is a 4x4 dune adventure in the vicinity of Swakopmund. The drive by itself is an unforgettable experience but guests will see a lot more than just sand.

The fascination of the tour includes the hidden life in this apparently barren landscape that is part of the Namib Desert. A dig into the dune sands reveals endemic creatures of the Namib like the sidewinder (Peringuey's Adder) and the Palmato Gecko with its transparent skin and beautiful colours. Another highlight is the tracking of the large Namaqua chameleon and watching it enjoy its brunch.

Guest learn how the plants and small animals in this area survive the harsh climate and obtain water for life. The guide will try to catch a Fitz-Simon's Burrowing Skink, a legless lizard, by tracking it across the dune face. Guests will learn the different varieties of dune colours and if the weather permits it experience a 'roaring' dune.

The dune belt hosts a variety of animals like the 'dancing' White Lady spider; the Parabuthus Villosus which is a black scorpion; the occasional horned adder or sand-snake; desert wasps, fish-moths, crickets and several beetle species, and many more.

The Living Desert Tour is an unforgettable experience. Guests will leave with lots of photos and great memories.

Additional booking information

A minimum of 2 participants required for each tour. Pick up at 08h00 at your accommodation in Swakopmund. Duration of the tour is 4 to 5 hours. Hats, sunscreen and jackets are advised