Fish River Canyon Accommodation

The Fish River Canyon is seen as the largest canyon in Africa and second largest canyon on earth - after the Grand Canyon in the US.

Its dimensions are enormous: 160 km long, up to 27 km wide and 500 m deep. Just as impressive is the period of time during which it was formed: 350 million years ago a fault with a width of 20 km appeared and the river meandered through it in wide loops. When the ancient continent of Gondwana disintegrated 120 million years ago, the Fish River started to dig deep into the ground and create its system of gorges.

You can drive to several lookout points, or walk along the rim of the enormous gorge, or take a scenic flight. Only participants of the 85 km Fish River Canyon Hiking Tour from Hobas Camp to Ai-Ais Resort are permitted to climb down into the canyon. The tour takes four to five days and can either be done in a private group or with a guide. Canyon hikes can only be booked for the cooler winter months when their is also left over water in the canyon (1 May to 15 September).